Easy Art Activity #14 ~Step 3

Step 3 

Using methods and resources from Steps 1 & 2 illustrate the spirit, people, places, and things that will help you overcome the obstacles to your desired vision for 2015. This may be challenging. You will have to open your mind to consider how you can do things differently than you have done them your entire life.

“For me, this process helped me to clarify the things that really matter to me. The activities and experiences that are worth making these adjustments pushed me to put these concepts down on paper so that I could make a plan for my year. It worked. Although I am not moving as fast as I may have done in the past~before arachnoiditis~I am moving and the Art For Arachnoiditis Project is now a public reality and resource available to other survivors.”~Sheila

Adaptability Goals
Adaptability Goals~ From the Values Cards that I made during the Right Brain Business Plan Project, Feb.2014. This project and process helped me define my goals and became the foundation for the Art For Arachnoiditis Project launch. The encouragement I received from other members of the RBBP group helped me be confident enough to make this happen. [Jennifer Lee starts the RBBP 2015 session on January 5th.]
Mapping my goals to creating a community of wellness.
Mapping my goals and resources available  to enable me to create the healing community of wellness that was my vision for 2014.


If you feel comfortable doing so; please post your Activity #14 Steps 1-3 thoughts and images or collage to share your arachnoiditis obstacles with other visitors to the page. Use the Registration Form if you would like this work to be included in the FIRST Art For Arachnoiditis Project Public Exhibit.

Perhaps, the free FLOW: 30 Day Journal Project with Lisa Sonora will help you expand on these ideas and find your new path.

“I will be using the FLOW project to continue to develop my own personal healing goals and to maintain my focus and momentum for my own recovery and motivation. This project will be my go-to resource for the Healing Art Activities at artforarachnoiditis.org during the month of January 2015. I hope you will join us for this process.”~Sheila

Although women have been the most vocal about this process, so far, this healing art process is beneficial to all survivors. Not just women.

Holistic healing is for men too.  “Through art therapy men can expand their creativity, gain greater awareness, and challenge life issues such as work, family and relationships.”  ~ From Express Yourself, Child and Family Art Therapy

More Resources:

Opening Up ~Daniel Leighton talks about how art has helped him cope with chronic pain, illness and trauma

Men and Art Therapy: A Connection through Strengths

Unmasking the agony: Combat troops turn to art therapy


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