Easy Art Activity #14 ~Step 2

Use ART to Acknowledge Your Obstacles
Arachnoiditis Survivor's view of the "office chair" (Image found at TravelBlog.org)
Arachnoiditis Survivor’s view of the “office chair” (Image found at TravelBlog.org)
Step 2 Using the same methods described in Step 1 Create a collage board OR sketch out or write down a stream of consciousness series of thoughts and images of the Arachnoiditis-Related Experiences which hold you back. You can also combine the text, drawings, and cut-out images into one collage. This project can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. 
These images can be actual photos and drawings of the debilitating events or ideas and imagery which have become symbols for these feelings.  It is 100% acceptable …maybe even assumed or expected…that you will cry, cuss, moan, and vent during this process. This is YOUR space to put it all out there.
In my sketchbook journal, a spiked chair (similar to the one above) was the symbol I used to represent the pain I felt every time I attempted to complete a task at my desk. The below sketch was one way that I illustrated how isolated I felt due to arachnoiditis. The lack of communication with others, at that time, felt like a crippling obstacle to any achievement. ~slk
Conceptual sketch for the Still Standing series.(2009)
Conceptual sketch for the Still Standing series.(2009)~slk
Cold Comfort
Cold Comfort ~depicts the weight of being cold combined with the illusion of being wrapped in warmth ~slk

If you feel comfortable doing so; please post your Step 2 thoughts and images or collage to share your arachnoiditis obstacles with other visitors to the page. Use the Registration Form if you would like this work to be included in the FIRST Art For Arachnoiditis Project Public Exhibit.

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