Easy Art Activity #15

These truths are meant to be private. Just like the journal.At some point, it may be relevant to share your discoveries, along with your journal pages, with others.Most of the time, it’s a simple, quiet exploration that needs no further explanation.And not having to explain yourself, even to yourself, is one of the most radical creative acts you can make.It opens the doors to the unknown, to the mysteries within, awaiting your discovery.” ~Lisa Sonora

Symbolism is a wonderful creative element which allows us to express what matters most to us without crossing our own comfortable boundaries. It can provide a safe conduit to work through our thoughts and experience.


Create ONE symbol to represent ONE of the concepts, ideas, or obstacles that you included in your response to Lisa’s journal prompts for Day 1,2 or 3. You can draw or paste these directly into your journal or create them on any other surface of any materials that suit your needs.

FLOW day 1 “No Matter What” A quick sketch to express my first thoughts about my list of obstacles~slk

The majority of my journal entry will remain personal and private. There will be limitations to how much I want to share publicly. However, for the sake of providing an example for this activity, I have included my notes from my thought process from the Day 1 prompts.

FLOW Day 1 Prompts
FLOW Day 1 Prompts

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