Many Thanks to our Sponsors

Art for Arachnoiditis Survivors: Project Sponsors

Anonymous Donation Received the old-fashioned way!

Thank you!
Your support of this Art and Empowerment Project to Benefit Spinal Adhesive Arachnoiditis Survivors is greatly appreciated.
This project cannot happen without your help.

Listed in the order in which 
donations/contributions were received or ad space was purchased. 

Tier 1 ~  tax deductible contributions
In addition to generous donors
who have chosen to remain anonymous, contributions have been received from:
Ostrich Products
Ryan Dibble
Sherry Barber
Nikki Lussier
Belinda Knight
Tom Barber
Louise Carboneau Vermeiren
Black-Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe
Pat Vanden Avond

Tier 2~ $300
An anonymous donor 

Tier 3 ~$500
Karen Kovacik Early in memory of Claudine Goze-Weber 

Tier 4 $1000
An anonymous donor

Benefactors $5,000 and up

Hatchfund Open Match Fund
$100 May 20, 2014

In-Kind Contributions (hours donated)
SheilaLynnK Art Studio  123 hours

Additional Support
Kathleen Decker
Brian Decker
Jane Foster
Karen Dickerson
Terri Anderson
D & S Barber

SheilaLynnK Art Studio is a for-profit business faithfully invested in the healing power of art and dedicated to Community Action

The project budget is available for public review. 

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