Traveling With Arachnoiditis

Traveling With Arachnoiditis

Road Trip

A road trip for the average person often includes a view like this one.  Although the survey results won’t be in until after August 15, 2014, I am fairly confident when I say that the majority of Arachnoiditis Survivors limit travel time to medical appointments and absolute necessity journeys.  Because arachnoiditis scars the nerves in the lumbar spine restricting movement, limiting positioning options , and making sitting or bending at the waist excessively painful; most survivors are unable to drive for long periods of time.  Add to that the difficulties created by the vibration of the road, the bumps and sudden shifts and the Survivor ends up in too much pain to enjoy any outing anyway.

Travel connects us to the real world community, if you are a Survivor who has found a way to accommodate arachnoiditis to permit you to travel, please share your photos of what you do to enjoy this option.

Send them to Subject line: TravelingWithArachPhoto.

Show us what keeps you comfortable, share available links to products or services which help you, what journeys are worth the effort, and tell us a little bit about how you benefit from your destination. Your photos  & photo credit will be added to the Art For Arachnoiditis Photo Gallery.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

1 thought on “Traveling With Arachnoiditis

  1. Road trips are horrible. The vibrations alone cause inflammation and swelling, chaos and havoc in the body. We purchased an Exhibition for me ride in. It has worked nicely for me. For long trips, I will use an air bed in the back. I have a picture I came across not too long ago of me on the air bed surrounded by pillows. We were taking a trip out of state to meet an arachnoiditis specialist. I will try to locate that photo and send it to you..

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