Hand Painted Alphabet Rock Collection

Art Every Day Month~Day 27

Digital collage of Busy Bucket
Busy Bucket with Activities for Toddlers Includes Hand-Painted Rocks Alphabet

The activities in The Busy Bucket, modeled after the My Busy Bag trend I saw on Pinterest, welcomes independent exploration for the child, as well as, opportunities for easy interactive activities with an adult.

Although my nephew and his family won’t need to worry about these aspects of using them; the activities I used were created as examples for other survivors. Along with the Creative Learning Activities; all of these DIY toys are easy to work on from multiple positions and created with the idea that they can also be used for interactive time with a toddler while the adult adjusts to assorted positions to accommodate physical limitations. The most difficult part is getting the bucket open if you seal it shut completely.

The seat cushion is stored inside of the bucket. I made sure it is washable and it doubles as a small pillow.

The busy bucket also includes a re-purposed Healthy Choice vegetable steamer container with a lid for use as a toddler’s first sewing kit (not shown). [I think my daughter left this container in my cabinet a few years ago…it was also great for so many other things!]

Healthy choice Container easy to re-purpose
This container is easy to re-purpose

The holes in the strainer lid are a perfect size to “sew” patterns with the purple shoe laces I put inside…along with some empty thread spools, and yarn with a plastic child-friendly needle. The needle is stored in a re-purposed blue prescription bottle with a child-proof lid so that she can only use it with adult supervision. There are also a lot of easy and fun ideas for DIY Toddlers’ Sewing Kits Here.

Total Cost to create the busy bucket= <$5 for remnants of acrylic paint, thread, yarn, and water-based gloss gloss to seal the painted rocks.

The hugs from her Mom= Priceless.

The Rest of the Art Every Day Month Series of Posts are  Here and have been brought to the public via the support of my patrons. 

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