Art Every Day Month~Day 25~Edible Art

Evening Primrose plant on cotton fabric
“Organic Moonscape” Evening Primrose Plant on cotton fabric.

This edible Moonscape, in honor of the full moon today,  is made of Fresh Evening Primrose Roots and Leaves and some dried Evening Primrose flowers that I gathered from my garden at the studio.

I selected Evening Primrose as my Wild Plant Ally for 2015. This is a gentle plant with many health benefits relevant to my own personal needs. [I am not a physician. Be sure to verify the plant ID and consult a trusted physician prior to adding it to your own diet or treatment plan.]

My current mood and condition warranted a late fall harvest of first year EPR growing in my garden. The fresh clean root has  a mild pleasant flavor and produces a somewhat calming effect with a bit of relief from hormonal mood swings.  Edible as a fresh vegetable; I will be putting it in some breakfast fritters. I am also setting some of the root aside as a tincture for later use this Winter when the ground will be too frozen to obtain the fresh roots.

The seeds I harvested earlier this fall are also said to be beneficial to treatment of my “mild hormonal depression” …for lack of a better description. I will be crushing them to release the valuable oils and then adding them to my lambsquarters bread as is done with poppy seeds in poppy seed muffins.



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The Rest of the Art Every Day Month Series of Posts are  Here and have been brought to the public via the support of my patrons. 

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