Easy Art Therapy Activity #13

Find and share an artist you love. It could be one you have followed and known your entire life or one you just discovered yesterday. Tell us about his/her work and why it matters in your life.

“Over the course of my Arachnoiditis Experience, I have come to realize that my art is my gift and my salvation. It is always there. Even when everything else falls away; it arrives to save the day. I would be lost without it. Still, there are times when I feel uninspired or caught up in other aspects of life that do not leave room for art or allow me to feed my creative nature. Visiting the work and motivations of other artists can be a fantastic comfort at these times. Here are a few of the ones I am following right now for inspiration and renewal in preparation for this new, bigger, and connected year to come. “~Sheila L. Kalkbrenner

by Garmia Roy
Art Saves Lives by Garmia Roy at Fractal Enlightenment

How does seeing, making, and participating in Art help in the healing process?

“The task of therapy is not to eliminate suffering but to give a voice to it, to find a form in which it can be expressed. Expression is itself transformation; this is the message that art brings. The therapist then would be an artist of the soul, working with sufferers to enable them to find the proper container for their pain, the form in which it would be embodied.” – Stephen K. Levine

“Presently, art therapy is divided into two processes: One where a person is exposed to artworks by fellow beings to reach to their core of emotions and the other, where one is asked to create art to award relief to the mind and body……

…Art as therapy is not restricted to someone who is unwell. Introducing art in general in your daily life, will keep your state of mind healthy. 

Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Some find the art of gardening therapeutic, whereas, some find solace in listening to music. Find that fragment of art that suits you and make it a part of your life for the well-being of your mind, body and soul.” ~ Garmia Roy at Fractal Enlightement   “Art as a Therapy for your Mind and Soul”


"Mexico" skate art by Chris Dyer
“Mexico” skate art by Chris Dyer

“I think artists are like super heroes with special powers. We have to share those powers with others.” ~Chris Dyer Working toward spiritual evolution and unity.

Here is the full documentary on visionary skate artist Chris Dyer, that was released on DVD in the spring of 2011. It covers his interesting life story, many r-evolutions and explores different topics like “Can art help heal the world”. The movie includes appearances by different respected artists n skaters, like Alex Grey, Andy Howell, Karl Watson, Nilton Neves, Bob Burnquist, Omen, Ron Allen , Other, etc.

“I AM VERY INSPIRED BY THE ENLIGHTENING, BEYOND-ME, ADVENTURES OF AMANDA PALMER RIGHT NOW. She reminds artists that they don’t need permission to make art and that artists have been at the center of keeping communities connected for centuries. It is the idea of celebrity artists/performers that created the divide between living the art that we make. Re-visiting her work and learning more about her recent projects helps me remember why I make art in the first place. “~Sheila

“Asking makes you vulnerable…

Don’t make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan….Fall into the audience and trust each other…” ~ Artist/Musician/Blogger, Amanda Palmer ~ The Art of Asking

See her TED talk about being able to “ask without shame” and what it means to really SEE EACH OTHER .



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