Easy Art Therapy Activity #11

Make a Forgiveness Box

ninniane/Flikr Example of a Forgiveness Box
Example of a Forgiveness Box

“If there is a certain person — including yourself — you don’t want to harbor negative emotions toward any longer, try making him or her a forgiveness box. Decorate a small box with soothing images and words that can be either specific to an individual or catered to your desired inner state. You can write the person’s name on a slip of paper and include it in the box if preferred, and the name can be removed and exchanged if needed. The act of making the box will bring up happy memories of whomever the box is for, as well as help you physically work toward a place of forgiveness.”~PF

From: 10 Easy Art Therapy Techniques To Help You De-Stress

The Huffington Post  | By Priscilla Frank 

If you like these ideas form Priscilla Frank, you may also want to check out:  These 12 Childhood Art Techniques Can Help Adults Relieve Stress  at  | By

Frame #4 from the paper sculpture series, Still Standing.
Frame #4 from the paper sculpture series, Still Standing. (c) sheila l. kalkbrenner

“Still Standing was a five month, self-imposed rehabilitative art project which facilitated a great deal of healing and forgiveness. I suppose you could call these my Forgiveness Boxes.”~slk (Watch a quick video showing all 6 frames.)  If you look closely at the boxes you can see how the motor skills improved with the progression of the project.

Your boxes can be made from found objects, photos, doodles, drawings, sketches, simply anything that you would like to include. The project can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be to express what you need to release from your mind and spirit to allow room for more healing.

To demonstrate the ways in which Arachnoiditis Survivors benefit from participation in the Arts, The Art For Arachnoiditis Project includes Art By Survivors. Survivors are invited to share their original artwork from self-designed projects and from the healing activities described here.

Descriptions and comments about how you benefit or additional input about what might be helpful in the future activities are also welcome.


There is no obligation to share images of your finished healing art activities.  However, you are welcome to do so in this thread or in a private message for possible inclusion in the Art By Survivors portion of the Art For Arachnoiditis Project public exhibition. Be sure to specify if you would like to be named or remain anonymous at the exhibition. Here is theProject Registration Form .

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