Art By Arachnoiditis Survivors

Survivors are invited to submit digital images of their original artwork for consideration for display in this gallery and at the Art For Arachnoiditis Project FIRST Public Art Exhibit at the Fountain Arts Center, Belmont, NY April 2015. Please submit your entry and Registration Form by February 15, 2015.

Prints or Recordings of your original art work may be shown in the exhibit AND in the gallery of Art By Survivors at     Submit digital images or recordings of your original artwork [drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, collage, fabric art, poetry, creative non-fiction,music, video, etc.]  via Email to: Subject: Add my Art   For musical and/or video entries…please specify in your email message that you have a performance piece (under 3 minutes) that you would like included in the project. Additional submission instructions will be arranged. To Donate your 2D work for reprint and sale via to benefit the Art For Arachnoiditis Project ; Please request the Art In-Kind Form. With your signature, the Art In-Kind form will give license for reproduction for the duration of the project without infringing on your ownership or copyright. You will be given the opportunity to declare your name listed with the work or to remain anonymous. Artworks CANNOT be used for this resale purpose without your explicit written consent.


by Melanie Lamb
by Melanie Lamb
Awareness Logo designed by Nicola Reeves

ButterflyW RoseColoredGlasses1w


“Celesstial Transformations” photo by Sarah Elizabeth Hirschle
“Freedom” sketch by Sheila
Mending Matters Mandala ~sheila
Awareness Ribbon designed by Linda Funsch
UpperWanaka ~Nicola Reeves
Towards Glendhu~Nicola Reeves
Surf ~Nicola Reeves
Pipeline ~Nicola Reeves
Manu Bay~Nicola Reeves
Hay Tedder ~Nicola Reeves
First Snow Manioto ~Nicola Reeves
1970 Mini ~Nicola Reeves

3 thoughts on “Art By Arachnoiditis Survivors

    1. Hello Mark,
      Thank you for your interest in The Art For Arachnoiditis Project.
      Instructions for submitting art work is in “Part 2” of the complete registration form. We will be re-printing one image of each piece submitted. Please submit a quality high resolution image of your work. 300 dpi is best for the best quality prints. If you are unable to send as 300dpi we will try to adjust accordingly. PLEASE do not let this request stop you from submitting your work.We will do the best we can to create an identical representation of your art work.
      The Registration Form is here:
      Looking forward to receiving your work.

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