Pampered Chef and Art For Arachnoiditis

Pampered Chef Fundraiser For:
Art for Arachnoiditis Survivor Project
Sheila Kalkbrenner & Jessikah Taylor on Behalf of All Arachnoiditis Patients Invite you to Join Us in this Fundraising Effort.  Please Share and Invite others to Join The Fundraiser! There are no markups in Pampered Chef Products during Fundraisers:)  So Shop Confidently as ALL our products come with a “Love it” guarantee, most have a 1,3 or 5 year warranty and many have Lifetime warranty! 
Support Arachnoiditis Efforts When You Stock up and Simplify your Kitchen with Quality Pampered Chef Products! Order August 1-15, 2014. Make sure to add your Order to the “Art for Arachnoiditis” Show
This is a Fundraiser to help raise the much needed funds for the 
Art for Arachnoiditis: Survivor Project
Which will promote Arachnoiditis Awareness, Document Daily Struggles and the Permanent Disability that Arachnoiditis Patients Suffer. 
Through Art we Hope to Open the Eyes of the Public to the Arachnoiditis Cause including Awareness, Education and Prevention. 
Sheila Kalkbrenner a New York Artist with Arachnoiditis, will be interviewing, photographing and then making a Conceptual Portrait of Volunteer Arachnoiditis Patients. Through these Conceptual Pieces, the artist will convey what it’s like to live with Arachnoiditis while Showing the Humanity which Still Resides within the Arachnoiditis Patient.
The Collection of Portraits will be Shown in an Exhibit Dedicated to Arachnoiditis Awareness and Prevention.
•Fundraiser Date: Aug 1-15, 2014
•Order Online at:
*Add Order to the Show setup for
“Art for Arachnoiditis”.
•After you Order through the Fundraiser. Please consider Hosting Your Own Pampered Chef Show. You will get the Monthly Host Offer and FREE Products, Half-Off Products and Discounts on everything else you buy! Plus you’ll get 10% off any other purchases for a year!
BOOK Your Own Show During the Fundraiser and an ADDITIONAL Donation will be made to support Art for Arachnoiditis!
Contact your Pampered Chef Consultant to set up your own show 
•Pampered Chef Consultant: 741412 Jessikah Taylor (502)797-8955

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